Watch A Ford Mustang Ram A Nissan During Parking Space Dispute


Finding a parking space can be a stressful experience for some and one that can become all the more stressful if someone “steals” the space you were ready to pull into. However, this is most definitely not the appropriate way to react to such an incident.

This video was first shared to Live Leak earlier in the month and has since been re-shared on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop. However, we haven’t been able to find any details about just when and where in the U.S. it was filmed. It’s also unclear what exactly sparked the dispute because, when the video starts, neither the Ford Mustang nor the Nissan are actually in or near a parking space.

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Nevertheless, the footage initially shows the passenger of the Nissan jumping up and repeatedly kicking the side of the red Mustang. The Nissan passenger and driver then get back in the car and the driver of the Mustang, wearing a high-visibility vest, soon jumps into his car.

Rather than trying to deal with the situation in a civilized manner, the Mustang driver instead drives directly into the driver’s door of the Nissan. He keeps the throttle pinned in an attempt to push the Nissan, but ends up just spinning the rear wheels. Before long, the Nissan driver decides it’s time to go and speeds away while being closely followed by the Mustang.

It’s unclear what happened after the video stopped, but in the final few seconds, what sounds like police sirens can be heard, suggesting authorities quickly attended the scene.

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